Google Showing G+ Conversations in the SERPs

by Panah on March 8

in Google Plus News

It is no secret that Google has started integrating results from Google+ into its search engine results pages. It seems further adjustments to the SERPs are on the way though. The folks at State of Search have spotted Google+ conversations showing up in the SERPs. That includes post comments and video posts. These don’t show for every query at this point.

There is a very easy way to test this. Just search for a question or video you know it’s been shared in your Google+ stream. I used the term KONY 2012 to find the video I shared a couple of days ago in the SERPs. You have to be logged in and have social search enabled to see this. It does seem you do not have to be even involved in a conversation for these results to show up. The first test I did (see the screenshot above) showed a post from a person I am connected with. But I had not made a comment on that post.

These are all very interesting developments. Google does not announce the tweaks it makes to the SERPs all the time. So it is hard to know how long these have been around. Could these changes make more people interact with Google+? We will have to wait and see.

[story via State of Search]

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