Google+ Snippets Showing Up In the SERPs

by Panah on June 15

in Google Plus News

There is no question that Google will continue integrating Google+ with the services it offers. Google search has gone through dramatic changes in the past few months. As State of Search explains, Google is now further integrating Google+ information in the SERPs. You can unveil Google+ snippets using the show link in the results pages.

This is pretty powerful. It shows why people need to take more time to get involved on Google+. This is huge for webmasters too. You should try to be connected to the most relevant folks who can share your stories and help push them to the top. Of course, what they say about your posts also shows up as expandable snippets on Google.

I have seen many marketers who complain about Google+ not driving enough traffic to their websites. G+ is here to stay. Google is going to do its best to push it as hard as possible. It is better to get involved and active now before it is too late.

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